Judging Critique – Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club, December 2013

We now find ourselves at the end of 2013 with the final Show of the year, the Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club Limit Show held at the start of December. Seeing the year out in the judges seat was Dave Westwood of the well-known Tulsadoom kennel. The judging critique of the Show is […]

Judging Critique – East Anglian Bull Terrier Club, November 2013

From time to time a person who judges a Show isn’t necessarily the one who was scheduled to officiate – such was the case at the East Anglian Bull Terrier Club Championship Show back in November 2013, when Carolyn Lambert of the Caliber kennel stood in for the Australian judge Stephen Craven (Sugarbaye Bull Terriers). […]

Judging Critique – Coloured Bull Terrier Club, November 2013

I don’t have any official facts and figures to hand but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was now more coloured Bull Terriers than whites? Their popularity has surged since the turn of the Millennium. That means the Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open Show – featuring the Romany Trophy competition – is a highly anticipated […]

Judging Critique – Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2013

The Midland Counties Championship Show tends to go down pretty well with followers of the breed; it is one of the final Championship Shows of the year and therefore one of the last chances for exhibits to make an impression on selectors of the Trophy Show. Judging the breed in October 2013 was Marilyn Bishop […]

Judging Critique – Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club, October 2013

Geoff Skelton is not a man you’re going to lose in a crowd very easily, dear me he’s a big lad isn’t he! As such you’d probably recall if you were exhibiting under him at the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club Open Show in October of 2013. If so this is for you, Geoff’s judging […]