Judging Critique – Coloured Bull Terrier Club, November 2015

The second of their two Open Shows of 2015 was held in November by the Coloured Bull Terrier Club, and the lucky person asked to carry out the judging duties on the day was Tony Ley of the Fortifer kennel, appropriately enough someone with fairly recent success with a Coloured Bull Terrier himself. Tony’s judging […]

Judging Critique – East Anglian Bull Terrier Club, November 2015

The final Championship Show for breed followers and exhibitors to take in for 2015 was down at the East Anglian Bull Terrier Club, who decided to grace the occasion with the appointment as judge of one of the better-known overseas enthusiasts, – namely Ortlieb Lothary from Germany. The resulting judging report can now be downloaded […]

Judging Critique – Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2015

As we get towards the end of the show season the remaining Championship Shows tend to take on extra significance in light of exhibitors trying to catch the eyes of the BTC Trophy Show selectors. The Midland Counties Championship Show is always such an occasion and breed judge in 2015 was Chris Wright of the […]

Judging Critique – Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club, October 2015

Les Aspin the all-rounder has judged the breed once or twice over the years, but at the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club Open Show back in October 2015, it was the turn of his wife Kay to fulfil the judging duties on the day. The judging critique as penned by Kay can now be downloaded […]

Judging Critique – Driffield Championship Show, October 2015

Although not a breed specialist judge, the name of Paul Wilkinson does pop up now and again when judging the breed at Championship level – as indeed it does for many other breeds, particularly of the Terrier variety. As for our very own Bull Terriers, Paul’s latest appointment was at the Driffield Championship Show in […]

Judging Critique – South Wales Championship Show, October 2015

Ron Scott must have judged hundreds, indeed more likely thousands of Bull Terriers during his time in the breed being one of the most experienced guys out there. His latest appointment was as breed judge down at the South Wales Championship Show that took place in the month of October. The resulting judging report as […]