Bull Terrier Show Winners – Dec 2012 – Jan 2013

It’s taken me a good five or six months, but at long last I’ve managed to catch up to the present where the monthly Bull Terrier Show Winners reports are concerned. You may recall the last one I put up for download was the report covering November 2012, but seeing as though the December and […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – November 2012

We’re now getting very close to catching up to the present day with these monthly Bull Terrier Show Winners reports, as I have now added the one that looks at November of 2012 for download. With the next one covering the quiet months of both December 2012 and January 2013, that should then bring us […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – October 2012

Just time to squeeze another update in before I switch-off for a break – I was going to stick another judging critique up to chalk another off the list, but then I decided I’d get a bit closer to the present with the Monthly Winner Reports – that should enable me to catch-up pretty quickly […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – September 2012

You might have noticed that I’m still quite some way from catching up with the judging critiques, but I’ve made a bit better progress with the monthly show winner reports. The last one I added to the site was the report for August, but I’ve now managed to get the one for September done and […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – August 2012

For as long as I can remember August has always been a pretty slow month for Bull Terrier events – this one being no different. So this latest monthly show winners report that I’ve added for download only features two shows, but nevertheless still some important prizes up for grabs during the month so worth […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – July 2012

Time to chalk off another of the monthly reports in the quest to catch up to the present, as of today the Bull Terrier Show Winners report relating to July 2012 is now available for download via the link provided below. To get your own copy simply right-click on the link and select ‘Save Target […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – June 2012

Taking a break from the critiques for a moment, I thought I’d better get one of the monthly reports done, so here follows the Bull Terrier Show Winners from June 2012. I’m now only three behind the present, so maybe by the start of next year I’ll be on track … and knowing me maybe […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – May 2012

Edging that little bit closer to the present with the Bull Terrier Show Winners reports, here is the latest I’ve put together from May 2012. Hopefully I will have caught up within the next month or two? The critiques on the other hand is a different matter, I’m about 40+ behind … that is of […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – April 2012

I’ve caught up a little bit more with the Monthly Show Winners reports, as the one for April 2012 has now been added to the site for anyone to download. Usual rules apply, you’re more than welcome to pass it on as you see fit – or just share via the Social Media buttons above […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – March 2012

Here’s the latest instalment of the Monthly Show Winners reports, this time the one from March 2012. Obviously I’m still playing catch-up to get up to the present day – that applies to both these reports and the Judging Critiques – so keep an eye out, there’s a lot more to come… As with all […]