Bull Terrier Show Winners – November 2015

We’re now heading towards the end of the show season with the final outing just days away, but what about November? The latest Monthly Show Winners report has been produced and is now available for download, it features the main events of November and who the main winners were in those events. To get your […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – October 2015

October is traditionally a busy month for the Bull Terrier breed in the UK show rings and this year was no different. With Championship Shows running out and therefore opportunities to impress the Trophy Show selectors decreasing, it is perhaps not too much of a surprise that the month sees plenty of action. The selectors […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – September 2015

Is it me or did September just past feature more events than it usually does? Anyway, the important thing is not how many shows take place but what actually happens at them. With that in mind the latest monthly Show Winners Report looking at the competition of September is now available to download, it’s ideal […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – August 2015

August tends to be a quiet month as far as Bull Terrier events go, and August just gone did only provide us with three outings to take in. However, there was two Championship Shows and a new Champion emerged from them. So who was it – you can find that out and more from the […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – July 2015

The month of July may not be the most traditionally eventful time for Bull Terrier show goers, but this year’s four Shows provided all kinds of excitement and a clutch of new Champions for the breed to celebrate. Those results and more are featured in a new Monthly Show Winners report highlighting who won all […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – June 2015

June is traditionally the mid-point and indeed the most hectic month of the show year. Although not quite as many events as some of the years gone by, this June just gone still featured more than enough action. A new Monthly Show Winners report featuring the results and outcomes of those main Bull Terrier events […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – May 2015

Shows are going to come thick and fast during June, maybe not quite so many as some years but still one of the busier months for the Bull Terrier exhibitor. May just gone was quite a busy affair as well with plenty of prizes up for grabs, and a new Monthly Show Winners report featuring […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – April 2015

Never mind all this UK General Election nonsense that is going on today, there are far more important things going on in the world to concentrate upon, – like what went on in the Bull Terrier show rings of UK during the month of April! Granted, April is not a month in which there are […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – March 2015

March has quite a varied selection of events for breed followers to digest, from Crufts and other Championship Shows to a raft of smaller Club Open Shows. A new report detailing the results of those main Bull Terrier events of March 2015 has now been typed up and added to the site for immediate download. […]