Bull Terrier Show Dates – August 2013

August is almost upon us, and if you’re planning to attend any Bull Terrier events over the course of the month here are details of what are considered the main ones to take place. As far as I’m aware all the details are correct – and I have checked them with the Kennel Club website […]

Judging Critique – City Of Birmingham Championship Show, September 2012

Here’s another judging critique from yester-year … well from last September to be precise – the City Of Birmingham Championship Show judged by Tom Johnston. As with the previous event an all-rounder given the judging duties, something many breed followers are not too keen on as they prefer to show their dogs under breed specialists. […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – September 2012

You might have noticed that I’m still quite some way from catching up with the judging critiques, but I’ve made a bit better progress with the monthly show winner reports. The last one I added to the site was the report for August, but I’ve now managed to get the one for September done and […]

Bull Terrier Show Dates – September 2012

Here follows a list of the main UK Bull Terrier Shows for the rest of the current month. If you plan to attend any of these shows please make sure to double-check the dates and details beforehand, as there is always a possibility that these can change prior to the show in question. September 1st […]