Bull Terrier Show Dates – November & December 2016

The International Weekend is now firmly established as one of the main events on the Bull Terrier calendar and as usual it is to take place during November over in Holland, hosted of course by the Netherlands Bull Terrier Club. It is not however the only event for breed followers to digest in the coming […]

Bull Terrier Show Dates – July 2016

Quite a good month geographically speaking for those exhibitors and spectators in the North, with a few events being within reasonable reach – but still quite a journey for the same folk to take in the biggest show of the coming month. Let’s just hope all events get a good entry no matter where and […]

Bull Terrier Show Dates – April 2016

Where does the time go, it’s nearly April already! In the world of the Bull Terrier show enthusiast that usually means a fairly quiet month and this one is no different with just three main events to focus on. Those of you around the Midlands area are perhaps best placed for paying them a visit, […]

Judging Critique – Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club, August 2015

At the start of August 2015, the Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club hosted an Open Show and invited Thomas Redmond of the Warhorse kennel to officiate as judge for the day. The resulting judging critique penned by Thomas is the latest to be added to the BTM archives for immediate download. If you’d […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – August 2015

August tends to be a quiet month as far as Bull Terrier events go, and August just gone did only provide us with three outings to take in. However, there was two Championship Shows and a new Champion emerged from them. So who was it – you can find that out and more from the […]

Bull Terrier Show Dates – August 2015

August is usually a bit of a slower month for the show-goers of the breed, for both those who exhibit and those who go to watch. Having said that there are still two big Championship Shows scheduled, so while it’s a touch on the quiet side it’s not that quiet! Dates and details are correct […]

Judging Critique – Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club, April 2015

The Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club Limit Show was held just a few weeks back in April, and as tends to be custom at Limit Shows these days classes were split between two judges. On this occasion those judges were Neil Griffiths of the Jessajack kennel and Diane Littlefair of the Dikram kennel. […]

Bull Terrier Show Winners – April 2015

Never mind all this UK General Election nonsense that is going on today, there are far more important things going on in the world to concentrate upon, – like what went on in the Bull Terrier show rings of UK during the month of April! Granted, April is not a month in which there are […]