Bull Terrier Monthly Website Changes

In the near future I’m planning to have a major career change and am about to embark on a new property developing business, – something that I’ve always wanted to do. As such I’m going to have a lot less time to devote to anything ‘Bull Terrier Monthly’ related and will be changing my routines accordingly.

Unfortunately it means that I’ll not be adding anything like the same amount of new content to the BTM site/s from this point onwards, maybe the odd piece here and there and the show dates and details, but otherwise not a great deal. I’m toying with the idea of creating one yearly eBook containing all the judging reports instead of all separate documents, as that would be easier and far less time consuming from my point, but I’ll have to see how things are – I’m not promising anything!

What I do plan however – and I can’t even begin to think when this will happen – is to revamp the website, the main change being that I’ll make ALL 120 of the Bull Terrier Monthly issues available for download at just a couple of Pounds or Dollars each, in addition to offering them all as one set on a CD as they are now. I may also look at offering them on a USB stick as well for those who have tablets and iPad’s without a CD Drive. As I say though just looking ahead without any real idea as to when I get around to it…

In the meantime I hope you’ve enjoyed the site and found it of some use over the last few years, it will still tick along in some way shape or form and I’m still more than happy to receive emails and so on – but for the time being I’ll be easing off to get stuck into a few rundown houses here and there!

Best of luck

Paul – Bull Terrier Monthly