Bull Terrier Show Dates – January 2016

No sooner does one show season finish than another one starts, and here we are again just days away from the traditional starter that is the Manchester Championship Show. Taking place alone in January the dates and details are as follows, they are correct at present but please double-check prior to any travelling. Best of … Read more

Judging Critique – Manchester Championship Show, January 2015

New season, new start, but at the same place it always begins … the Manchester Championship Show. This year the honour of handling the Bull Terrier classes went to an all-rounder in the shape of Max King of the Brenin kennel. Maybe the choice of an all-rounder is not the best way to ensure a … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

Good news and bad news to report. The bad news first is that I’m very late in bringing details of the Show results from December, but the good news is that I’m bringing the Show news from January very quickly – so quickly in fact that January hasn’t even finished yet! The reason in both … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – Dec 2012 – Jan 2013

It’s taken me a good five or six months, but at long last I’ve managed to catch up to the present where the monthly Bull Terrier Show Winners reports are concerned. You may recall the last one I put up for download was the report covering November 2012, but seeing as though the December and … Read more

Judging Critique – Manchester Championship Show, January 2012

At long last I’ve got through enough judging critiques to get up to those from 2012. The first show of the year was the Manchester Championship Show in January, and it was judged by a very well-known face in the Bull Terrier breed, Chris Kilpatrick. Chris’ views of what took place on the day are … Read more