Bull Terrier Gifts

What do you get the Bull Terrier fanatic who has everything? Easy, you head on down to your nearest Internet and have a search through all the great merchandise that is now available to breed followers. One young lady has come to my attention recently as someone who produces her own brand of distinctive Bull … Read more

Bull Terrier Vets Appeal

As many will be aware, there has been significant progress made in recent years in relation to the fight against kidney failure, a disease that has plagued the Bull Terrier breed for decades. In short the Animal Health Trust has been building up a store of DNA samples supplied by Bull Terrier owners, with the … Read more

Bull Terrier Puppies

Hi guys I’ve news of a litter of Bull Terrier puppies here that some may be interested in, if not please don’t hesitate to inform others who you feel might be on the lookout for a new puppy. The owner of the litter has supplied me with details, here follows the information he’s asked me … Read more