Changes To BTM Site

Hi guys, just a quick message to inform of a change I’ve made to the site recently.

New Page

I decided to add a new page relating to the Animal Health Trust’s need for Bull Terrier DNA samples, which they need in order to identify and hopefully in time eliminate the kidney problem the breed suffers from. Previously I have written about this in some of the updates, but the problem with those is that all new updates push older posts further back and off the first page.

Given that the DNA appeal is of very big importance I felt it needed to feature more prominently and permanently, hence the new page.

Terry Heath has been at the forefront of this and has sent a letter to people like myself, asking that we try and make more Bull Terrier people aware if this campaign. All I’ve done is used Terry’s letter and modified it a bit to suit this site, she says exactly what I would have wrote anyway, but I feel it is more appropriate that the message comes from her.

You can see the new page in the Link Bar above…