Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2016

The show season warms up in February with a raft of Club Open Shows, where exhibitors tend to introduce their latest stock to the show rings – and there’s also the small matter of arguably the world’s premier Bull Terrier event taking place! Best of fame and fortune to all those taking part at all … Read more

Bull Terrier Club Major Trophy Show Winners 2015

This isn’t much use for those who were present at the Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show over the weekend, but for those who weren’t here is a brief look at what happened. Hopefully I’ll put together a bigger feature fairly soon including all the judging reports, photographs and so on – but for the time … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2015

February is the month in which the new Bull Terrier show season really kicks into gear, it does feature a rather big event near the end of the month which I’m sure one or two people are planning on visiting – but let’s not forget the two Open Shows at the start of the month … Read more

Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show Report 2014

The annual Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show is widely regarded as being the biggest and most prestigious breed event that takes place, certainly in Britain and arguably worldwide. It dates back further than any of the breed’s other big events and is steeped in history and tradition. As you’re probably well aware, the most recent … Read more