Judging Critique – Bull Terrier Club, October 2015

Eddie Ball of the Firecommand kennel is fairly new to judging at Championship level, but back in October he was handed the opportunity to officiate at what must be one of the bigger and most prestigious events on the calendar, the Bull Terrier Club Championship Show. Pulling quite a decent entry befitting such an occasion, … Read more

Judging Critique – Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club, July 2015

One of the more successful kennels around at present – indeed over the recent past – is Anna and Pete Blair’s Megaville Bull Terriers. At the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club Championship Show of July however, Anna was not present as exhibitor but there as judge for the event, in fact making her appearance as … Read more

Judging Critique – Blackpool Championship Show, June 2015

Up to the north west of England for the next event on the Bull Terrier show list, the Blackpool Championship Show. Breed judge on this occasion was someone known to enthusiasts the world over, the guy behind the Aricon kennel, Mr Eric Stanley. Eric’s judging critique is the latest to be added to the site’s … Read more

Judging Critique – Three Counties Championship Show, June 2015

John Young is a very familiar sight in Bull Terrier show rings and has been for a good number of years, mainly as an exhibitor but also when asked to be judge for the occasion. His latest judging appointment was at the Three Counties Championship Show at the start of June. The judging critique put … Read more

Judging Critique – Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, May 2015

Elaine Clark has a long and distinguished history in Bull Terriers, and it was she who was the chosen judge to oversee the breed’s classes up at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show recently in May. The judging critique as penned by Elaine is the latest to be added to the site for immediate download, … Read more

Judging Critique – Bull Terrier Club Of Wales, March 2015

At long last I have finally cleared the backlog of judging critiques and caught up with the present day, meaning that just about every main Bull Terrier critique going back to 2002 is now available via either the previous BTM magazine or this particular website. Hopefully from this point onwards the critiques will be added … Read more