Judging Critique – Birmingham National Championship Show, May 2015

A Mr M. Phillips was handed Bull Terrier judging duties at the Birmingham National Championship Show in May, but not Mark Phillips of the Bullyon kennel that we might assume – in this case it was Martin Phillips, a guy far more familiar to those in the Norfolk Terrier breed. So what does a Norfolk … Read more

Judging Critique – National Terrier Championship Show, April 2015

I suspect it’s a natural reaction to think very highly of those judges who your own dogs do very well under, and think lower of those who place your dogs lower? Back in the day my own bitch put in perhaps her best performance under an all-rounder called Liz Cartledge, and consequently won a double-figure … Read more

Judging Critique – Bull Terrier Club Of Wales, March 2015

At long last I have finally cleared the backlog of judging critiques and caught up with the present day, meaning that just about every main Bull Terrier critique going back to 2002 is now available via either the previous BTM magazine or this particular website. Hopefully from this point onwards the critiques will be added … Read more