Judging Critique – National Terrier Championship Show, April 2015

I suspect it’s a natural reaction to think very highly of those judges who your own dogs do very well under, and think lower of those who place your dogs lower? Back in the day my own bitch put in perhaps her best performance under an all-rounder called Liz Cartledge, and consequently won a double-figure entry class with Trophy winners and Champions in it. To cut a long story short, I think Liz Cartledge is great … she still didn’t give her the CC though!!

That was over 20 years ago, but Liz is still very much a judge with a big interest in Bull Terriers and was the breed judge at the recent National Terrier Championship Show. To see which dogs she thought highly of this time around you can download her judging critique, – just follow the steps below and you’ll have it in no time…

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[membership_download_item_pdf link=”https://www.bullterriermonthly.com/downloads/critiques2015/nationalterrier2015.pdf” + target=”_self”]National Terrier Championship Show, April 2015 – Judging Critique[/membership_download_item_pdf]

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