Bull Terrier Show Dates – June 2016

A big month ahead for the breed in the show-ring, as indeed June tends to be every year. Below are details for what are usually considered the main events for exhibitors and spectators alike, and good to see a fairly even spread of locations around the country – so hopefully they will be well supported … Read more

Judging Critique – Southern Counties Championship Show, May 2015

Zena Thorn-Andrews is one of the better known all-rounders to the Bull Terrier breed, having judged them on several previous occasions. The most recent was down at the Southern Counties Championship Show at the very end of May. The resulting critique is the latest to be typed up and added to the BTM archives and … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – May 2015

Shows are going to come thick and fast during June, maybe not quite so many as some years but still one of the busier months for the Bull Terrier exhibitor. May just gone was quite a busy affair as well with plenty of prizes up for grabs, and a new Monthly Show Winners report featuring … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – May 2015

There are a number of events for breed enthusiasts to take in during May as things head towards the hectic mid-point of the year. Those around the middle of the country have the best choices, both exhibitors and spectators, but there are also shows far north and south for those in more extreme parts of … Read more

Judging Critique – Southern Counties Championship Show, May 2014

All-rounder judges tend to divide opinion within the breeds ranks, some people are more than happy to show under them while others aren’t. We now come to the first of two big events in which the breed classes were handled by an all-rounder. Patsy Hollings – the leading Weimaraner breeder/exhibitor – was the Bull Terrier … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – May 2014

It’s that time again when we look back at what happened in the UK Bull Terrier show rings of the previous month, who won the prizes on offer and where they won them. The latest ‘Monthly Show Report’ featuring news of May 2014 has just been added to the site for immediate download, if you … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – May 2014

There’s quite a busy month coming up for Bull Terrier show goers in the UK, below is a list of the main events due to take place. Those around the Midlands area have the best choice, but hopefully all the Shows get a good attendance and more importantly good sized entries. All details are correct … Read more

Judging Critique – Southern Counties Championship Show, June 2013

As far back as I can remember, the month of June has always been the most hectic month for the breeds’ show fraternity, – eight and nine events taking place is quite normal. First on the list in 2013 was the Southern Counties Championship Show, with the Bull Terrier judge on the day being Gaye … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – June 2013

If you’re interested in the Bull Terrier show scene then you’ll know that June is always a busy affair – sometimes up to two shows a week on average. This year was no different and there is quite a lot to report on from rings around the country. The latest report I’ve just put together … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – June 2013

As is the case every year, June is THE really hectic month for Bull Terrier Shows – an average of two each week and spread around over a big chunk of Britain. As such if you’re planning to pay one a visit, there should be one reasonably close by. Here follows a list of those … Read more