Bull Terrier Show Dates – November & December 2016

The International Weekend is now firmly established as one of the main events on the Bull Terrier calendar and as usual it is to take place during November over in Holland, hosted of course by the Netherlands Bull Terrier Club. It is not however the only event for breed followers to digest in the coming … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – October 2016

Bull Terrier show-goers in the UK have a very busy month coming up with outings coming thick and fast, and they are spaced out fairly well with many enthusiasts being within reasonable distance of at least one of them. Hopefully the heavy schedule doesn’t have a negative impact on the entries… As usual it would … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – September 2016

A fairly busy month coming up for show goers, with events spaced out over quite a big area. Hopefully this means a good turnout of both exhibitors and spectators at each venue. As ever I have checked the details against various sources, – Schedules, Kennel Club website and so on, – but these details are … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – August 2016

Two big Championship Shows for breed enthusiasts to take in over the coming month of August, both unfortunately located in fairly far-flung parts of Britain and therefore quite a journey for many, but at the same time no doubt within reasonable distance for others. In both cases let’s hope they enjoy a healthy turn-out. Dates … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – July 2016

Quite a good month geographically speaking for those exhibitors and spectators in the North, with a few events being within reasonable reach – but still quite a journey for the same folk to take in the biggest show of the coming month. Let’s just hope all events get a good entry no matter where and … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – June 2016

A big month ahead for the breed in the show-ring, as indeed June tends to be every year. Below are details for what are usually considered the main events for exhibitors and spectators alike, and good to see a fairly even spread of locations around the country – so hopefully they will be well supported … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – May 2016

You wouldn’t think we were heading towards the month of May with the ridiculous weather we’re having, warm sunshine one minute then Arctic snowstorms the next – but on second thoughts that’s what April and May are always like these days! But we are indeed days away from May and with it comes another raft … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – April 2016

Where does the time go, it’s nearly April already! In the world of the Bull Terrier show enthusiast that usually means a fairly quiet month and this one is no different with just three main events to focus on. Those of you around the Midlands area are perhaps best placed for paying them a visit, … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – March 2016

We’re coming to the end of a big month for the breed considering the BTC Trophy Show has just taken place, but we’re about to get into another with four big Championship Shows in quick succession including Crufts, not forgetting of course an Open Show down at the Bull Terrier Club of Wales (or up … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2016

The show season warms up in February with a raft of Club Open Shows, where exhibitors tend to introduce their latest stock to the show rings – and there’s also the small matter of arguably the world’s premier Bull Terrier event taking place! Best of fame and fortune to all those taking part at all … Read more