Judging Critique – South Wales Championship Show, October 2015

Ron Scott must have judged hundreds, indeed more likely thousands of Bull Terriers during his time in the breed being one of the most experienced guys out there. His latest appointment was as breed judge down at the South Wales Championship Show that took place in the month of October. The resulting judging report as … Read more

Judging Critique – Birmingham National Championship Show, May 2015

A Mr M. Phillips was handed Bull Terrier judging duties at the Birmingham National Championship Show in May, but not Mark Phillips of the Bullyon kennel that we might assume – in this case it was Martin Phillips, a guy far more familiar to those in the Norfolk Terrier breed. So what does a Norfolk … Read more

Judging Critique – Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, May 2015

Elaine Clark has a long and distinguished history in Bull Terriers, and it was she who was the chosen judge to oversee the breed’s classes up at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show recently in May. The judging critique as penned by Elaine is the latest to be added to the site for immediate download, … Read more