Bull Terrier Works Experience

I had a interesting chat with someone in the breed fairly recently, and they came up with something that I thought was a very good idea – so much so that I felt it could be very beneficial to get it out to a bigger audience.

It basically relates to those people in the breed who would like to pursue a career in the animal world or more specifically perhaps something to do with dogs – teenagers who would like to be vets or work in kennels etc, or indeed older folk who fancy a career change.

The idea is a very simple one, to gain an insight into what you could be letting yourself in for, why not contact your nearest Bull Terrier Rescue kennel and offer to do some voluntary work? This obviously would be of help to those who run the kennels, but it is also good experience for any volunteers who get to see ‘reality’ and all that kennel work entails, which is often quite different to what they might have been expecting.

Of course it applies mainly to those who are within reasonable distance from one of the rescue kennels the breed uses, but nonetheless that must apply to a few people here and there?

So maybe for those who are interested, it might be an idea to pop along to Google and type in ‘Bull Terrier Welfare’ and take it from there. On the first page of search results alone there are many different sites giving information and contact details, from the Kennel Club website down to what looks like independent BT Rescue organisations.

You could also contact your nearest BT Club and ask of local kennels that they might use to house the homeless Bull Terriers they deal with – I’m sure all parties would welcome someone who was offering assistance…