Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2013

Apparently there is some kind of big Bull Terrier event occurring in February? Well, not only the ‘main event’ but February also sees some of the regional Bull Terrier Clubs get the season up and rolling. Those Bull Terrier Show dates and details are listed below – and as ever if you’re planning to visit any of them please double-check prior to the Show.

February 2nd, 2013
East Anglian Bull Terrier Club
Open Show
Buckden Millennium Community Centre, PE19 5UY
Judge: A. Roberts
Enquiries: Mr A. Bland – 01223 873227

February 3rd, 2013
North East Bull Terrier Club
Open Show
Bowburn Community Centre, DH6 5AT
Judge: K. Aherne
Enquiries: Mrs S. Wheatley – 01388 731649

February 23rd – 24th, 2013
Bull Terrier Club
Open & Trophy Show
Royal Court Hotel, Coventry, CV7 8JG
Enquiries: Mrs E. Ball – 01274 495650

Whilst on the subject of Bull Terrier Show dates, I wonder if anyone can help me here. Those of you who used to get the BTM magazine will recall I used to put together a full Show Calendar of all the main Open and Championship Show details.

If I had all the information at hand I’d be happy to do one for 2013 and offer it as a downloadable PDF file. Unfortunately I’m missing too much to be able to complete it, so if anyone can supply me with details of any of the following it would be much appreciated – when I say details I mean the same as what is listed with the Shows above … dates, Open or Championship etc, venue, judge if possible, name and number for enquiries.

  • Coloured BTC – Both Shows
  • Yorks BTC – 2nd & 3rd Shows
  • BTC of Wales – 2nd & 3rd Shows
  • West of England BTC – 2nd & 3rd Shows
  • BTC – 2nd & 3rd Shows
  • East Anglian BTC – 2nd & 3rd Shows

Many thanks; if I get enough of what I’m missing I’ll sort out a 2013 calendar – at worst you’ll still get the information in a post like this one prior to the month in question.