Bull Terrier Show Winners – September 2014

October is one of the busy months in the show rings, but what has just happened in the month of September? The latest Monthly Show Winners report has just been added to the site for download, it details the results of the events of September, who won what and where they won them.

If you’d like a recap or just something to file for future reference, then all you need to do to get your own copy is follow the next few steps and all being well you’ll have it in minutes…

  1. Right-click on the download link below.
  2. Select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ from the menu.
  3. Specify where you’d like to download the file to (e.g. Desktop, My Documents etc).
  4. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  5. Wait for it to arrive.

* Note: These are instructions for desktop computers and laptops only; the procedure may be different for various mobile devices like the Smartphone or iPad.

Once in your possession the file is yours to do with as you please, pass it around or use it for your own purpose in any way you like. Social Media button located above and below this post can be useful for sharing with breed enthusiasts on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

[membership_download_item_pdf link=”https://www.bullterriermonthly.com/downloads/monthlywinners2014/sw-September2014.pdf” + target=”_self”]Bull Terrier Show Winners – September 2014[/membership_download_item_pdf]