Judging Critique – Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, May 2013

One of the longest journeys for many exhibitors is the trip up to the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show. That also applies to the judges, certainly in the case of Mark Phillips in 2013 – making his way up from the South of England to officiate on the day.

To find out what happened back then and how Mark saw the events unfolding in the ring, you could read a copy of his critique – which as if by magic just happens to be the latest to be added to the BTM archives. To get your own copy follow the next steps and it will be with you in no time…

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Please pass the file on to others if you see fit, other breed enthusiasts or maybe those you know took part on the day. There are Social Media ‘Share’ buttons above and below if you’d like to notify those on Facebook and Twitter etc, but you’re more than welcome to share the file in any other way you like.

[membership_download_item_pdf link=”https://www.bullterriermonthly.com/downloads/critiques2013/skcmay2013.pdf” + target=”_self”]Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, May 2013 – Judging Critique[/membership_download_item_pdf]