Name That Bull Terrier – Back To The Seventies

Forget the World Cup because the real big event is back, contain yourselves – it’s ‘Mystery Bull Terrier’ time again!!

I’m not happy that the last one I featured was identified so quickly and easily – if you recall it was Ch. Bella Bianca Jackenna – so I felt this latest one needed to be a bit more difficult, and I personally think it is. It’s not an unknown by any means, but nevertheless not a glaringly obvious one either.

So hopefully it takes people a lot longer to identify her correctly this time?

Anyway as you can see it’s another bitch, and indeed another Champion but from a bit further back in time – you’re looking at almost 40 years ago. A bit of a clue to go with these details – she wasn’t shown by the same kennel she was born from. So who is she – all will be revealed in a few weeks time…

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