Name That Bull Terrier – Now There’s A First

I bet you’ve just been thinking to yourself that you need something to take your mind off the upcoming Xmas shopping – well I’ve got the very thing … how about another one of those ‘Mystery Bull Terriers’ from the past to try and identify?

This one I feel won’t be too taxing, that’s probably a good thing at this time of year – I’m sure she’ll prove easier to name than some of those I’ve featured. As luck would have it she’s another brindle bitch from way back, just like the last mystery Bull Terrier I asked you to name – Ch. Hardra’s Sunbeam – and like her she did also become a Champion.

The clue to her identity that I will give – and this will probably give the game away – is that she holds a record that will never be equalled.

That’s all you’re getting but I’m sure it will be enough and she’ll be identified fairly quickly – but nevertheless I’ll be back in a few weeks to either confirm those who got her right or name her if nobody guessed correctly.

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