Name That Bull Terrier – The Founder Member

I knew she was a hard one and I knew she would prove difficult to identify, and so it seems to have been proved as nobody has managed to correctly name the mystery Bull Terrier featured a week or so ago…

So who was she then?

The clue I gave was – ‘she’s part of the foundations of one of the biggest kennels’ – and that along with the fact she was obviously from a very long time ago might have pushed people to assume she was one of the early dogs of one of the earlier leading kennels … and indeed she was.

I’ve had a few names suggested from various places, Facebook and e-mails etc – and the nearest one to the correct answer I feel was Ormandy’s Dancing Time, in fact it was very close from a pedigree perspective as both Dancing Time and our mystery Bull Terrier share the same sire in the very famous Ch. Velhurst Vindicator – and both their dams were by the equally great and famous Ch. Ormandy’s Mr McGuffin.

  • That would probably be enough for people to name her now but I’ll save you the trouble of searching pedigree sites – the unidentified bitch in question was Ch. Souperlative Satin.

Full marks to anyone who guessed correctly, it was a particularly difficult one but hopefully something that has given you something to think about for a few days. One person who will have known the answer was the owner of the photograph, Lowisa Grieves – many thanks to her for supplying me a copy of it.

I’ll try to dig out another tricky one for the future, so keep your eyes open for that…