Name That Bull Terrier?

I thought it would be a good time to throw in one of those mystery Bull Terriers again, to give people something to take their minds off Christmas shopping!

So here we go, as you can see he’s another white dog from a bygone era – and as with the previous mystery guest star (Ch. Foyri Verify) he was a rather successful boy in his day. With a bit of thought there are quite a few good clues I could give to help identify him, but I fear most of the clues might make naming him a bit too easy – I might give the game away?

Of the clues I could give I’ll go with what I think is the most difficult one and it is this…

‘This isn’t the most well known photograph he appeared in’.

Some people are not going to know what on earth I’m on about in saying that, whilst at the same time I think it might register with others straight away.

* It’s just for fun and if you want to leave a comment below naming him please do so, but full marks to anyone who can correctly identify him.

I’ll reveal his name at a later date.

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