The Terriers’ Club at Christmas

For those of you who hate leaving things to the last minute at Christmas time, this might appeal to you. In fact if you’re into Bull Terriers – which I assume you are otherwise you wouldn’t be here – then it could also be of interest at some point in the near future.

What on earth am I going on about??

Well, I received a request some time ago from Catherine Smith of The Terriers Club, asking if I would place a short Press Release on the Bull Terrier Monthly sites some time. Sure thing I replied, let me know when and I’ll happily include it.

As Catherine produces a range of Bull Terrier merchandise – including many styles of Christmas Card – she feels now is a good time to let enthusiasts know about them via her Press Release. So here follows just a few short lines from Catherine including a link to her site…

The Terriers’ Club at Christmas

Check out the Terriers’ Club at for Bull Terrier themed Christmas cards and gifts

Catherine Smith is a lifelong enthusiast for the English Bull Terrier and tries to catch the fun and spirit of the breed in her work.