Tom Buckley’s Limited Edition ‘Bullseye’.

As someone who has put together a breed magazine for ten years previously, you might have the idea that I’ll have seen my fair share of Bull Terrier merchandise – books, figures, prints, paintings, statues and anything else you care to mention? You’d be right, and what’s more with the Internet now in full swing and the whole world being at our fingertips, I think most breed enthusiasts will have seen pretty much everything that I have?

However, I’d like to draw your attention to one young man in particular who I encountered recently, an artist called Tom Buckley who produces some of the best pieces of Bull Terrier artwork I can remember seeing in many a long year (See right for one of his commission pieces). Maybe you are already aware of Tom, it wouldn’t surprise me as I’ve noticed one or two people in the breed have already commissioned him – but if not I’d strongly recommend you check him out.

Now I must stress, after seeing Tom’s work you might be very keen to seek out his services, but you will have to wait – he tells me he is booked up for the foreseeable future and that any new commissions will be added to his ever growing waiting list.

We as Bull Terrier fanatics however are in luck, because Tom has turned one of his previous Bull Terrier portraits into a Limited Edition art print and copies of it are still available. The art print is called ‘Bullseye’ and is available in several different sizes – so if you’d like to get a great example of Tom’s Bull Terrier work without having to wait, just pop along to the following webpage and have a look at what he has to offer…

Click here now to see more of the print on Tom’s website!