Bull Terrier Class Placings From 2012

I’m in need of help…

Anyone who used to subscribe to the Bull Terrier Monthly magazine in the later years will hopefully recall a big feature I included once a year called the ‘Bull Terrier Of The Year’. This was a table I used to compile and it consisted of every dog that had been placed third or higher in any Class at any of the main UK Bull Terrier events – be it Limit, Open or Championship Shows … usually around 50 Shows.

Points were allocated depending on how well dogs had done and at what level of Show, with extra points for CC’s, Reserve CC’s, Best In Show, Best Puppy etc. The winner – or Bull Terrier Of The Year – was the dog who had simply amassed the most points over the course of a calendar year.

After the magazine had ended I did intend to carry on with this feature as it seemed to be of great interest to readers, and indeed I had been compiling the data for 2012 throughout last year, but I encountered a problem…

I’m still missing the class placings for too many of the 2012 Shows to be able to finalise the 2012 table. I used to let it go if I got to within two or three missing shows, but in this particular case I’m still missing the details of at least six shows. So basically, if anyone has the class placings (or better still the judging critiques) for any of the following shows, could you please let me have them (or give me a link to where I can find them) so I can finish off the table and let people download it?

February 2012 – North East Bull Terrier Club Limit Show
May 2012 – East Anglian Bull Terrier Club Open Show
July 2012 – Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club Open Show
September 2012 – Bull Terrier Club Open Show
November 2012 – Bull Terrier Club Of Wales Open Show

I’m also missing the Scottish Bull Terrier Club placings for all their 2012 Shows except the Open Show of October, although I feel that may only be one other show as I think the Club held only two shows last year – please correct me if that is wrong?

As I say though, if I get enough information to get within just two or at the most three missing shows then I’ll complete it.

Many thanks in advance.