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I received a letter from Terry Heath recently and she asked me if I could post it on this site. Given the nature of it I was all too happy to do so and it appears in full below. Just to add to what Terry states, in fact more just to back it up really – it would be criminal if all the work and all the money raised to get this DNA test off the ground were wasted due to a lack of samples for the Animal Health Trust to play with.

Please spread the word and consider contributing if you can, you’d be doing the breed a huge favour.

Terry writes…

It is so very disappointing to find that the sample kits being sent in to the Animal Health Trust has dropped to a trickle. So much effort by a number of people went in to raising the funding for the development of the DNA test for the kidney problem – however everything is at a standstill now from a lack of samples.

I am lead to believe that part of the reason for this is the wrong information being bandied about regarding the dogs’ details required by the AHT. These are the facts…


All the information they are looking for is on the cheek swab you’d be submitting.

An Example Of The Information Required
Breed: Bull Terrier
Pet Name & Age: Colonel (3 Years Old)
Owners Name: Heath
Veterinary Practice Who Deals With Dog: Shieldhill Veterinary Clinic, Falkirk, FK2 0DU
Clinical Information: Atopy, Interdigital Cysts, Hypothyroid

This information is required for identification and retrieval purposes once the sample is lodged with the DNA storage bank.

Cheek Swab Sample Kits and verification of the above information can be obtained from Bryan McLaughlin at the Animal Health Trust.

Bryan McLaughlin
Telephone: 01638 751000 (Ext. 1280)
E-Mail: bryan.mclaughlin@aht.org.uk

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  1. hi my 7 year old bull terrier has just been diagnosed with cronic kidney disease how do I help by giving a swab test?

    Thanks vikki

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