Judging Critique – Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club, April 2012

Andrea Gates-Newberry is one of the most active people in the breed, – she takes photographs at the Championship Shows, puts together the great Yearbooks with husband Gary, breeds and shows the Ukusa Bull Terriers … and also fulfils the odd judging appointment here and there.

Which brings us to the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club Open Show back in April 2012, a show in which Andrea was the judge elect and her critique of that show is the latest to have been added to this site for download.

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[membership_download_item_pdf link=”https://www.bullterriermonthly.com/downloads/critiques2012/npbtcapril2012.pdf” + target=”_self”]Northern Provincial BTC Open Show, April 2012 – Judging Critique[/membership_download_item_pdf]