You Can’t Train Bull Terriers…

I don’t know about anyone else, but the only time any of my Bull Terriers ever took any notice of me was when I told them to eat their dinners. They were brilliant at following that instruction, but the thought of trying to train any of them makes me laugh, they wouldn’t have tolerated that at all … and many Bull Terriers are the same.

But not all of them it seems – and to prove that theory Paul Colclough sent me a piece of footage recently featuring him and his Bull Terrier Lexus, both showing that it is indeed possible to train a Bull Terrier.

I’ve now put together a short video containing the footage and have added it to the BTM Youtube Channel for others to view. You will find it via the floating Youtube sidebar to the right – or simply click here to be taken straight to it.

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Note: If you have a Bull Terrier related video and would like me to add it to the BTM Youtube Channel alongside this one, please don’t hesitate to contact me. This can be any kind of video at all; as long as it features a Bull Terrier then I am happy to add it.