Regent Trophy Winners Over The Years…

With the Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show coming up soon, I thought it would be a good time to base one or two new posts around it.

I have the list of animals to take part on the day, but I’m trying to verify that the list I have is complete before I release some kind of document naming them – so first I thought I’d point enthusiasts towards a great video that Marcos Fonseca has very kindly allowed me to add to the BTM Youtube site.

The video features photographs of the Regent Trophy Winners from the first recipient Ch. Brendon Becky, right up to the current holder, Ch. Teirwgwyn Paper Gansta At Bullyview. You can view it by simply clicking on this link, or by going to the Youtube tab to the right and following the video from there.

Many thanks to Marcos for supplying the video, it was produced by him for the Bull Terrier Club Of Chile and also features on the Club’s website (amongst other videos). The address of that website is –

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