Judging Critique – North East Bull Terrier Club, November 2014

A name perhaps more familiar to those in the Miniature Bull Terrier world was handed the judging duties at the North East Bull Terrier Club Open Show of November 2014, namely Charles Allenden of the nearby Erenden kennel. If you’d like an idea of how a Mini enthusiast views the bigger breed, then you’ll need … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2015

February is the month in which the new Bull Terrier show season really kicks into gear, it does feature a rather big event near the end of the month which I’m sure one or two people are planning on visiting – but let’s not forget the two Open Shows at the start of the month … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – November 2014

We’ve now come to the end of the show season with the final outing just days into December, but what about November? The latest Monthly Show Winners report has been produced and is now available for download, it features the main events of November and who the main winners were in those events. To get … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – November 2014

It’s ‘Show Time’ – we’re now coming towards the end of the year and just a handful of events remaining. November sees a raft of Club Open Shows, spread out fairly far and wide so catering for hopefully plenty of enthusiasts and of course entries. Dates and details are as follows, they are correct at … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – June 2014

If you’re interested in the Bull Terrier show scene then you’ll know that June is always a busy affair – sometimes up to two shows a week on average and this year was no different. The latest report I’ve added to the site is the Bull Terrier Show Winners report of June 2014; it is … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – June 2014

The mid-point of the year and traditionally the busiest period for the Bull Terrier show fraternity, June this year has seven events to take in. I would think exhibitors from the Northern areas would be happy with the schedule, many of the Shows requiring far less travel than what they’re probably used to? I make … Read more