Bull Terrier Show Dates – February 2014

February is the month in which it all kicks back into gear for the show people of the breed, the schedule gets back to something like normality – and of course it includes what is arguably the main event of the Bull Terrier year for enthusiasts worldwide. Listed below is the various dates and details, … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – November 2013

At the time of writing the Bull Terrier show year has ended with the final event in early December – news of that will be reported upon at a later date – but for the time being we’ll look at what happened in the month of November. The latest Monthly Bull Terrier Show Winners report … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – November 2013

The big International Event in Holland takes place over a weekend during November, and as it tends to do the first day once again clashes with the East Anglian BTC’s November Show – credit therefore to anyone who turns up in the Netherlands just a day after being present in East Anglia! As for the … Read more

Judging Critique – North East Bull Terrier Club, November 2012

I know there are more than a few people waiting for this particular judging critique so let’s get straight to it. I’m referring to Michael Thompson look at the North East Bull Terrier Club Open Show in November of 2012 – Michael coming all the way from his adopted home land of Sweden to officiate. … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Winners – June 2013

If you’re interested in the Bull Terrier show scene then you’ll know that June is always a busy affair – sometimes up to two shows a week on average. This year was no different and there is quite a lot to report on from rings around the country. The latest report I’ve just put together … Read more

Bull Terrier Show Dates – June 2013

As is the case every year, June is THE really hectic month for Bull Terrier Shows – an average of two each week and spread around over a big chunk of Britain. As such if you’re planning to pay one a visit, there should be one reasonably close by. Here follows a list of those … Read more

Bull Terrier Class Placings From 2012

I’m in need of help… Anyone who used to subscribe to the Bull Terrier Monthly magazine in the later years will hopefully recall a big feature I included once a year called the ‘Bull Terrier Of The Year’. This was a table I used to compile and it consisted of every dog that had been … Read more