Happy New Bull Terrier Year

I know I’m a few days late but I’d like to wish everyone in the breed the very best of wishes for 2014, good health and happiness to all. I’ll get back into my normal routine of posting various Bull Terrier related goodies in due course, but I thought I’d start the year off with something of far more importance, something that should be uppermost in the priorities of any Bull Terrier owner.

Most people will already know of the help the Animal Health Trust are prepared to give to the breed via the Bull Terrier Clinical Studies Fund – basically they will accept DNA and blood samples from any Bull Terriers so that they can work on finding a way to eliminate the dreaded kidney problems that the breed suffers from. Indeed you may have read about this on this very site as I’ve posted about it previously.

It’s of such importance however that I felt it should be bumped up in front of people again, particularly at this time of year when people are more likely to act upon good intentions.

So if you would like to start this year and do your bit in doing a great big favour for future generations of Bull Terriers, then could I ask that you please re-read the two posts from last year (links below), persuade other Bull Terrier people to read them – and ultimately please try and contribute some samples to the AHT if you can.

This is such a great opportunity to do some good for the breed and help those fabulous animals who bring so much enjoyment to our lives, – it would be a huge shame to let it slip…